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Porous Media Characterisation

Prof. J.H. Strange, Prof. J.C. Dore, Dr. J.D. Wright, Dr. J.B.W. Webber

We have been studying porous media for a number of years, primarilly by a variety of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and neutron scattering techniques. These give complementary information. One may generate model porous structures and study them by analytic and numerical techniques, and then compare the predicted properties with the measured ones.

We have developed a novel pore size distribution measurement technique, NMR Cryoporometry, that makes use of the fact that small crystals of a liquid in the pores melt at a lower temperature than the bulk liquid. This method can give true pore volume, with a size calibration that is very linear when compared with gas adsorption measurements. However we also have a range of different techniques we use to study porous materials :

Some porous and sol-gel links :

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